Soap Making Workshops

Cold Process Soap Making Workshop



Run monthly in the Ipswich Queensland region, Naturally Nerine’s offer a 4 hour beginner, cold process natural soap making workshop for up to 6 people.

By the end of the course, participants will have made their own 1kg batch of soap (approx. 10 bars) while learning safe soap making practices, principles behind soap making AND have the confidence and knowledge to continue their soap making journey by making and formulating their own soaps at home.

Splitting a batch of soap into two portions while at medium trace.

Naturally Nerine’s Cold Process Soap Making workshop is a comprehensive beginner course designed, written and delivered by a professional, long term soap maker who holds current trainer and assessor qualifications.  By the end of the workshop, every student will have the confidence, enthusiasm and important foundational knowledge/resources to go home and continue their natural soap making journey. 

Additionally, every student will take home their handmade batch of cold process soap, a cured bar of handmade soap to use immedietly, a reusable soap mould, a personal protective equipment (PPE) pack, class workbook, , a selection of tried and true basic soap recipes to suit the soap mould given during the workshop, resources to further learning, certificate of completion AND lifetime membership to “Soap Making – Beyond the Basics”, a Naturally Nerine’s online community to network with other students, ask questions, access resource links, show off your creations and much, much more.

*Insurance restrictions, the comprehensive nature of this class and ingredients/equipment used to make soap deem this an ADULTS ONLY workshop

Course Outline

Unit 1 – Welcome, workshop outline, safety, what is soap, soap making terminology, oil characteristics in soap making, Additives.  Light refreshments available during this unit.

Unit 2 – Soap making safety (yes again because it’s so important), work spaces, YOU GET TO MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP.  Workspace clean up.

Unit 3 – Index of soap making terms and abbreviations, useful resources, promoted suppliers, recipes (supplied and formulating your own), selling requirements, Soap Making – Beyond the Basics website, student questions, student workshop evaluation and feedback, certificate of completion presentation.

Light refreshments available during this unit.

 (For copyright reasons, this is not a comprehensive course outline)


Why Choose Us

Taught by a professional, long term experienced soap maker who holds current trainer and assessor qualifications.

PPE and soap mould provided and are yours to keep.

Workbook, selection of recipes, reference guide and resource links provided to every student.

Choice of soap to make in class and take home with you.

A cured bar of handmade soap to use straight away (because we know how hard it is to wait for your batch to cure)

Lifetime membership to Soap Making – Beyond the Basics, online community.

Post workshop support via Soap Making – Beyond the Basics, online community “questions” forum.

Capped class sizes.

Light refreshments included.

Flexible course payment options available.

Where possible we source our supplies from Queensland and/or Australian suppliers.

Fully insured to teach soap making workshops

Nationally registered with NICNAS to make and sell soap within Australia